Choice by Manitowoc H Series 1000 Ice Cube Machine (357 Kgs)
CHOICE HT1000-M.png
CHOICE HT1000-M.png
Choice by Manitowoc H Series 1000 Ice Cube Machine (357 Kgs)
Model : H Series 1000
Choice by Manitowoc ice machines are designed from the ground up to meet your operational demands for a worry-free, simple-to-use, basic ice machine we used a combination of engineering experience and manufacturing expertise to create an affordable, reliable ice machine at a price that's well within reach.
  • Light commercial
  • Hotel
  • Business Building
  • hospital
  • school
  • Food service
  • Convenience store
  • Up to 436kgs (961Ibs) daily ice production andonly 30.00" (76.00 cm) wide
  • R-410A CFC-free refrigerant
  • Easy access front facing evaporator
  • All plastic interior, no exposed tubes or wires, smooth rounded corners for fast easy wipe downs
  • The food zone is sealed from above and on the back of the door panel with commercial grade rubber gaskets
  • Water shield, distribution tube, pumnp, floats, and trough removable by hand (no tools required) fast and easy
  • Top air discharge, transfers air discharge from the sides of the machine to the top by having the louvered panel on the top of the machine rather than the sides. Re-directs the hot air from the ice machine toward the ceiling rather than directly into the working kitchen environment
  • DIMENSION (cm)                   :    76.20 (W) X 86.50 (D) X 188(H) cm
  • BTU Per Hour                      :    16,250 (average), 18,600peak)
  • Compressor                        :    Nominal Rating: 3/4HP
  • Refrigerant                         :    R-410A
  • Operating Limit s:
    • Ambient Temperature Range   :     1.7°C to 43.3˚C
    • Water Temperature Range      :     1.7°C to 32.2˚C
  • Water Pressure Ice Maker
    •      Water In:
      •  Min. 20 psi (137.9kPA)
      • Max. 80 psi (551.1kPA)
  • 50Hz _ HT1000A + H530 _EN.pdf
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